Welcome to the official website of Home Meadows Nursery Ltd.
A family run firm established in 1939.

Throughout the year, Home Meadows has various plants and flowers available for sale.

Available at Home Meadows Nursery:


  • Bulbs,

  • Containers / Hanging Baskets,

  • Home grown cut daffodils and tulips,

  • Primroses and Polyanthus.

  • Various vegetable plants available e.g. beans, cabbage, tomato etc.


  • Bedding plants and summer pot plants.

  • Hanging baskets and containers: new, filled and planted or bring your own for filling and planting.


  • Spring bulbs for sale,

  • Cyclamen plants

  • Bedding: primroses, polyanthus, pansies, wallflowers and more.

  • Hanging baskets and containers.


  • Bowls and containers planted with bulbs: including hyacinths, snowdrops, tête-à-tête, crocus and coloured primroses.